We support the rehoming of retired racehorses and will never charge for a listing

About Us

The Racehorse UK website has been created by racing lovers for racing lovers.

Our goal when creating this platform has been to make an easy-to-navigate, straightforward and easy-to-use website for listers and those viewing the information.

We believe everyone should have the chance to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership without it having to break the bank.

The Racehorse UK team are members of the same family who thoroughly enjoy a day at the races and being part of the racing world. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to be part of some very successful racing syndicates. We have enjoyed and taken advantage of the hospitality offered to owners, listened to tactics and plans with trainers and jockeys in the parade ring and even been in the winner’s enclosure when our horses are clapped in first! The thrill is electrifying, and the cost has never been excessive.

At Racehorse UK, we have created a platform that showcases racehorses so that everyone can have the chance to become an owner. You may wish to buy shares and become part of a syndicate, buy a racehorse outright or join a racing club. We also offer a dedicated section for retired racehorses. These horses have given so much and deserve a forever home after finishing their careers.

You too can also find an option that is the perfect fit for you.

Start your racehorse ownership journey here and see where it takes you.

See you at the races, and the very best of luck!

Exhilaration and joy
The elation as your horse crosses the finishing line! It really is the best feeling ever.
Memorable day
The first time we saw one of our horses win a race. What an experience and thrill.