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Interesting Racehorse Facts

Intersting Racehorse Facts We have compiled some random, interesting horse facts.  We were certainly surprised by a few! Horses are unable to burp or vomit. Horses with pink skin can get sunburn. It takes 9-12 months to re-grow an entire horse hoof. Horse hooves are made from the same protein – called keratin – that […]

Why Join a Horse Racing Syndicate in 2024

Many people wonder why joining a Horse Racing Syndicate is a good idea. To clarify things, we’ve put together this blog post to explain the key benefits of joining a syndicate, making it easier for anyone interested in horse racing to get involved. Horse racing is an exciting sport steeped in history, attracting fans from […]

How much can a Racehorse Win in the UK?

How much can a Racehorse win in the UK? Well, it can depend on a variety of factors. For example, the type of horse race, National Hunt or Flat, and the Class of race. Typically, Flat Races offer more prize money than National Hunt Races; the higher the class race, the more prize money is […]

What are the Yearly Fees for Owning a Racehorse in the UK?


The average yearly fees for owning a racehorse in the UK can vary between £17,000 – £29,000 per year, depending on the type, level, and physique of the horse. The yearly fee for a racehorse in the UK includes training and stabling costs, veterinary care, farrier services, and entry/race fees. What are the Yearly Fees […]

What is a Racing Handicap?

In horse racing, the racing handicap is the weight assigned to a horse. This is determined by a panel of experts known as handicappers. These individuals analyse a horse’s past performance and assign a weight based on their assessment of the horse’s ability compared to the other horses in the race. A horse must run […]

What does a Racehorse Trainer do?

A racehorse trainer is responsible for training and preparing racehorses for competition. This includes developing and implementing training plans, monitoring the horses’ fitness and health, and deciding which races to enter the horses. The trainer also works closely with the jockey and other racing team members to ensure the horse is in top condition for […]

Benefits of Owning a Retired Racehorse

A retired racehorse is a horse that has finished its career in racing and is no longer competing in races. These horses may be retired due to age, injury, or simply not being fast enough to compete at a high level. Once a racehorse retires, it may be sold or offered on lease for various […]

How to pick a winning horse in a race

Picking a winning horse in horse racing can be tricky, to say the least, and may sometimes even seem impossible! There is no shortage of tipsters and racing pundits who will give you their opinion on what they think will be the outcome of a race. Equally, many punters will disregard any advice and select […]

How to name a Racehorse

Have you ever wondered how to name a racehorse, and did you know that there are certain rules and regulations you have to consider? There are many weird and wonderful horse names to choose from. You only have to view the runners at any race meeting to be instantly drawn to one as it resonates […]

Bloodstock and Breeding Explained

Bloodstock and Breeding Bloodstock refers to horses that have been specially bred for racing. Very often, you will hear the term Bloodstock Agents, and this is a horse racing consultant who buys and sells thoroughbreds on behalf of clients. Bloodstock History Every thoroughbred racehorse can be traced back to the sires from the 17th century, […]