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Interesting Racehorse Facts

Intersting Racehorse Facts We have compiled some random, interesting horse facts.  We were certainly surprised by a few! Horses are unable to burp or vomit. Horses with pink skin can get sunburn. It takes 9-12 months to re-grow an entire horse hoof. Horse hooves are made from the same protein – called keratin – that […]

Why Join a Horse Racing Syndicate in 2024

Many people wonder why joining a Horse Racing Syndicate is a good idea. To clarify things, we’ve put together this blog post to explain the key benefits of joining a syndicate, making it easier for anyone interested in horse racing to get involved. Horse racing is an exciting sport steeped in history, attracting fans from […]

How much can a Racehorse Win in the UK?

How much can a Racehorse win in the UK? Well, it can depend on a variety of factors. For example, the type of horse race, National Hunt or Flat, and the Class of race. Typically, Flat Races offer more prize money than National Hunt Races; the higher the class race, the more prize money is […]

Thoroughbred Terminology and History


Thoroughbred Racehorse History Every thoroughbred racehorse can be traced back to the sires from the 17th century, with just three stallions responsible for the foundation of the entire breed. These are The Godolphin Arabian, The Byerley Turk, and The Darley Arabian. The last of the three shares DNA with 95% of today’s modern thoroughbreds, including […]