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Have you always dreamed of owning a racehorse?

Racehorse ownership is no longer for the privileged or wealthy. There are now so many ways to get involved with horse racing.

Numerous syndicates and race clubs offer people the chance to enjoy the thrill of owning a racehorse.

Attending a race meeting is a great day out and is suitable for all ages. There is nothing quite like the buzz and excitement of cheering your horse home during a race! 

You can own a racehorse in several ways, and it really doesn’t have to break the bank. You can choose just one horse or become a racing club member with a stake in several. 

Racehorse UK provides a platform to showcase all the various options, saving you the time and effort of visiting individual websites.



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Syndicate shareholders can enjoy owning a racehorse at a fraction of the cost. The most common share amounts are 2.5%, 5% or 10%, which generally ensures you receive an owner’s badge to watch your horse. 

Benefits commonly include:

  • Free entry to the racecourse along with a programme.
  • Access to the pre-parade ring, paddock and winner’s enclosure.
  • Admission to the owner’s and trainer’s exclusive area, where refreshments are usually provided.
  • The monthly cost is guaranteed for the entire year with no added extras.
  • Stable visits and regular updates.
  • Receive a share of the prize money and proceeds from the sale of the horse.

There are also occasions when you can lease a racehorse for a defined period (typically a year).  Doing this means there is no initial outlay, and you pay a minimal cost to cover all the monthly expenses. You will still be entitled to a share of the winnings and  the above benefits. However, you do not own the horse. 

Buying a Racehorse

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Buying a racehorse outright is always an option. You will receive 100% of the profits but you will also be liable for 100% of all the costs! 

As you are the only person involved in the ownership there are many more benefits, including:

  • You will be in direct contact with the trainer and have access to the stable yard.
  • The horse will run under your name and in your colours.
  • All the usual benefits of being an owner at a racecourse, with access to the pre-parade ring, paddock, winner’s enclosure and owners and trainer’s area.
  • You will receive more tickets to watch your horse when it runs so family and friends can enjoy the many benefits of being an owner with you.

Race Clubs

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Racing Clubs are perfect for people who love socialising with other members to experience the thrill and excitement of racehorse ownership. 

Generally, there is more than one horse that you will have a vested interest in, and the outlay is the smallest (compared to the other options listed). Members only pay a subscription and do not own the racehorses. 

The benefits of being involved in a racing club vary depending on the club you choose but commonly include: 

  • The opportunity to receive a complimentary owner’s badge giving you access to all areas of the racecourse along with the associated perks that come with it.
  • Regular updates/newsletter so you can follow the progress of the club’s horses.
  • Stable visits and open days so you can meet other members of the racing club, the trainer, stable jockeys and the horses.

Retired Racehorses

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Retired racehorses make fantastic horses to own. They are generally good to handle, box, shoe and clip and are used to the hustle and bustle of a stable yard. It is not unusual for retired racehorses to have successful careers in eventing, dressage and show jumping. 

Racehorse UK fully supports the work of trainers, charities and individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that Retired Racehorses have the chance to go on to new
homes and careers when they have finished racing.



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All racehorses have a traceable bloodline right back to the 17th century. Horses bred for racing are referred to as bloodstock, and this category has been created to showcase stallions, mares and foals available to hire, loan or purchase.

Racehorse Services

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This services category has been designed to provide advertising space for small or large businesses connected to the Racehorse Industry. They may offer services that can assist this industry or a product that can be used in the racing environment.